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  • The price of translation services is calculated based on the number of standard pages of translated text. One standard page has 30 lines with 55 characters (including spaces). Our definition of a standard page corresponds to the usual Western European practice for calculating the cost of translation.
  • The price of translation jobs completed using CAT tools (Computer Aided Translation) is calculated based on the number of words in the source text. An advantage of this method is the fact that an exact price can be agreed in advance.
  • For interpreting services, we charge a flat fee per day, which corresponds to eight hours. When interpreting (including travel time) last less than four hours, we charge a so-called minimum flat fee. If the four-hour limit is exceeded, the full one-day price applies. When interpreting lasts more than eight hours, 1/8 of the daily rate is charged for every additional commenced hour.
  • For detailed questions about prices, contact our head office.
  • To obtain a quote for a specific project, use the Translation Price Quote or Interpreting Price Quote form.
  • Regular customers get a number of advantages for regular customers.
  • The portfolio of free services is provided automatically with all orders.
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