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About us

We have been providing comprehensive language services of the highest quality since 1993. Our portfolio comprises all-inclusive translation, interpreting, and proofreading services for over 50 languages and their combinations. With a network of translators and interpreters that covers the entire Europe as well as Asia and America, we provide outstanding quality and guarantee utmost reliability. Thanks to that, SPĚVÁČEK is the translation provider and partner of choice to more 30 Western European translation firms for translations into Central and Eastern European languages.

In 2005, we became a contractual provider of translation services to the Council of the European Union.


We provide superior translation services to customers for who the quality of written or verbal communication has fundamental importance. Regular customers are assigned their own translator or team of translators who not only possess the necessary professional qualifications, but are also closely familiar with the customer’s terminology and business field.

Every day, we translate up to 1,000 pages of specialized texts. Such a high volume of work allows us to improve the quality and expertise of our translators on a continuous basis. We have dedicated translation teams that specialize in law and finance, IT, healthcare, energy, construction, and a number of other fields. The quality of our services is evidenced by ISO 9001:2009 and ISO 17100:2015 certificates.

Superior Services

We possess close to 20 years of experience in providing translation and interpreting services to demanding international clients. Our forte is combining a personal approach to individual customers with the high performance of one of the largest translation firms on the Czech market. Regular customers have access to our services 24 hours a day. We have a solution for all your language-related needs.

International Network of Translators

International partnerships and global cooperation are an integral part of our everyday work. If you plan to expand to international markets, our translators and interpreters are there to provide you with effective assistance.

Experience with Large-Scale Projects

SPEVACEK translation services has provided translation services for many of the largest tenders and privatization projects in recent years, such as the privatization of Czech Telecom, the licensing of the first mobile operator (T-Mobile), the licensing of the second mobile operator (Oskar, currently Vodafone), the supply of Jas Grippen fighters to the Czech Army, the privatization of the Czech gas distribution sector, and others. We possess extensive experience with comprehensive translation and interpreting support for large-scale projects, including terminology management. In translating extensive technical texts (medical, automotive, mechanical engineering, IT, and other fields), we use CAT tools (Computer Aided Translation) that allow translating documents into several languages at the same time.

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